「Sabbath Bloody Sabbath」型の曲名

ブラック・サバスの「Sabbath Bloody Sabbath」のような「A B A」という型の曲名が他にあるかな、と考えてみたのですが、U2の「Sunday Bloody Sunday」しか思い付きませんでした。

Ashes To Ashes / David Bowie
Ashes To Ashes / Faith No More
Back To Back / Pretty Maids
Bad Is Bad / Huey Lewis & The News
Blow By Blow / Fleetwood Mac
Day After Day / Def Leppard
Day By Day / Talisman
Eye To Eye / Asia
Eye To Eye / Fates Warning
Eye To Eye / Slaughter
Face To Face / Foreigner
Fly People Fly / Scorpions
Frame By Frame / King Crimson
Home Sweet Home / Motley Crue
I Am I / Queensryche
Jet To Jet / Alcatrazz
Love To Love / UFO
Lover To Lover / Three
Many Too Many / Genesis
Metal On Metal / Anvil
Mine All Mine / Wigwam
Minute By Minute / The Doobie Brothers
My Oh My / Sad Cafe
My Oh My / Slade
Never Say Never / Mr. Big
Never Say Never / Styx
On And On / Angel
On And On / Stephen Bishop
One By One / Emerson
One On One / Hall & Oates
One On One / Uriah Heep
Over And Over / Black Sabbath
Over And Over / Madonna
Piece By Piece / Slayer
Play Minstrel Play / Blackmore’s Night
Ride Sally Ride / Sammy Hagar
Round And Round / Ratt
Round And Round / Spandau Ballet
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Black Sabbath
Step By Step / Club Nouveau
Step By Step / Uriah Heep
Strength Beyond Strength / Pantera
Sunday Bloody Sunday / U2
Time After Time / Cyndi Lauper
Who Made Who / AC/DC
Woman Oh Woman / Foreigner

数は結構ありますが「名詞 前置詞 名詞」型が多いです。これはあまり面白くありません。
期待していたようなパターンだと、他には「Fly People Fly」と「Home Sweet Home」くらいでしょうか。